Obituary for Nicholas Tyndall (2018 – 2022)

My dear Amy’s Garden readers, I have sad to tell you that my pet gerbil Nicholas Tyndall passed away today. The exact date of Nicholas birth and many details of his early life are unknown. His very early days were spent with other gerbils at Pet Smart. In September of 2018 Nicholas along with hisContinue reading “Obituary for Nicholas Tyndall (2018 – 2022)”

Virginia trip – Two Williamsburg shops

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is Lydia Tyndall once again. Today was our first full day in Virginia. In the morning, we visited two shops in Williamsburg because they were not going to be open the days we had planned to be there. Then in the afternoon and evening we went to Yorktown.Continue reading “Virginia trip – Two Williamsburg shops”