Obituary for Nicholas Tyndall (2018 – 2022)

My dear Amy’s Garden readers, I have sad to tell you that my pet gerbil Nicholas Tyndall passed away today.

The exact date of Nicholas birth and many details of his early life are unknown. His very early days were spent with other gerbils at Pet Smart. In September of 2018 Nicholas along with his brother Oslo Tyndall (2018 – ) were purchased by Mr. Keith Tyndall and Mrs. Amy Tyndall for their daughter Ms. Lydia Tyndall. At this time Nicholas moved into a comfortable cage in the Tyndall residence with his brother Oslo. He lived out the rest of his days in comfort. His cause of death is unknown. A small private burial ceremony will be held in a few days.

Nicholas Tyndall
Nicholas with his brother Oslo.

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