Virginia trip – Jamestown

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is once again Lydia Tyndall, daughter of the illustrious Amy.

Yesterday, we visited the sights at Jamestown. Yes, this is the same Jamestown with John Smith and Pocahontas.

They have now put a national park on the spot where Jamestown was. At this national park they are always doing archaeology. There was a museum where you could see a bunch of the stuff they found.
After seeing the museum, we walked out to the site of the settlement. Jamestown is in a swamp as you can see above.
There was a deer in the swamp.
There is this giant monument at the site of Jamestown. I don’t remember the exact year it was erected, but to give a general time frame, Teddy Roosevelt was there at its opening.
We went on a guided tour around the place.
Is this photo you can see the archaeologists at work.
Apparently they had used ground penetrating radar, and seen a old ditch. Now they are digging to get a better look at it.
A random statue of Pocahontas.
This is another area they’ve dug up. You can’t really see it in the picture, but there’s a brick oven under there.
This is the original tower from the church. The rest of the original church is gone, but they’ve built it back.
The inside of the rebuilt church. We spent a lot of time in here because it was raining.
The next place we went was the Jamestown settlement museum. There was a big fountain in the front.
There were a lot of things to look at.
They had a rebuilt English street.
This is a original portrait of King James, the one for whom Jamestown was named.
They had a large display about Pocahontas.
They have rebuilt the three ships that the Jamestown settlers came over on.
This ship was called the Godspeed.
There were a lot of ropes.
Me on the Godspeed.
This is the another ship, the Susan Constant. The other one was closed 😢
Climbing aboard the Susan Constant.
It was rather crowded.

This was a little kitchen aboard the ship. I feel like it would be dangerous to have an open fire on a ship, but what do I know?
Some random ropes.
A cannon.
They also had a recreation of the actual Jamestown settlement. It was raining while we were there.
They had a church there. It was a different design than the one at the actual Jamestown site, so I’m not sure what that’s about.
Inside one of the houses. There was also a Native American village but it was pouring down rain so we didn’t go there.

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