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Our Trip to Florida!!!!!!

Written by Lydia Tyndall, daughter of Amy Tyndall, with input from Luke Tyndall, son of Amy Tyndall. Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This week our family went on a vacation to Belleair Beach in Florida. In this blog post I will be telling all of you about it, through pictures and captions!!!!!!!!!!! (Exciting right…?)Continue reading “Our Trip to Florida!!!!!!”

Young Writers Miscellany

In the fall of 2020, the world was still hunkered down, frightened to come out into the open too quickly, and our family found itself without a homeschool community. Suddenly we would not have any outside support in writing instruction. I was concerned that I would not be able to motivate my two students toContinue reading “Young Writers Miscellany”


We have had a bluebird box on our property for several years. Usually, a bluebird couple raises two broods in it per year. This year, we found a different type of nest. At first I thought this was a tufted titmouse nest. It fits the general structure: mostly moss, lined with dried grass and fur.Continue reading “Nests!”