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Womanly Uplands Trail

Yesterday evening we ended up eating pretty early and still had several hours of daylight left in the day. I asked Lydia if she would like to go with me to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield to walk the only major trail there we haven’t hiked yet. Of course she said yes, so off we wentContinue reading “Womanly Uplands Trail”

Enough Rain

Although we had a very wet spring here in southwest Missouri, the last couple of weeks have been very dry. On Monday we had a very light sprinkle. It was really more of a mist, and it happened while the sun was shining. It wasn’t enough rain to water any plants, but it was enoughContinue reading “Enough Rain”

Slo-Mo Frisbee Catch

Yesterday evening Luke and I were out in the backyard with Jacques. Luke was tossing the frisbee in the air, and Jacques was trying to catch it in his mouth. He succeeded a few times. This was pretty fun to capture on slow-motion video. I love seeing his long fur shift around as he moves.