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All about Lydia

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers!!!!! In honor of my birthday, this post will be about me. Let’s start with my family. Now it’s time for some biographical information about me. Now it’s time to chronicle some of my favorite things. Now, for the final segment of this post. Pictures from throughout my life.

The Three Little Pigs

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is Lydia Tyndall once again. Today I am publishing a story I wrote for my creative writing class at L.C.A. We had to rewrite the story of the three little pigs using first, second, and third person. I decided to do mine in the form of historical documents.Continue reading “The Three Little Pigs”

Virginia trip- Williamsburg day one

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is your humble servant Lydia Tyndall. In this blog post I am going to recount our full day in colonial Williamsburg. That’s it for now folks!!!!!