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Outdoor Shower

Lydia and Luke like to entertain themselves by playing with the garden hose in the driveway. Today they rigged it up on the basketball goal and created an outdoor shower. Luke had the idea that we could bring out the toiletries and they could take their regular showers outside. I am always being accused ofContinue reading “Outdoor Shower”

A Biography of Jacques Tyndall

Today’s post is by a special guest: Lydia Tyndall! Jacques Tyndall Basic facts Jacques Tyndall is a red merle Miniature Australian Shepherd. His full name is Jacques Jaykay Tilty Heady Doggie Not A Whiggy Lick-A-Face Tyndall. He lives in Brookline, Missouri with his family.  Early Life Jacques Tyndall was born at Circle G Mini Aussies.Continue reading “A Biography of Jacques Tyndall”


We have a lovely warm, sunny afternoon here at Tyndall Acres today.