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Young Writers Miscellany

In the fall of 2020, the world was still hunkered down, frightened to come out into the open too quickly, and our family found itself without a homeschool community. Suddenly we would not have any outside support in writing instruction. I was concerned that I would not be able to motivate my two students toContinue reading “Young Writers Miscellany”


We have had a bluebird box on our property for several years. Usually, a bluebird couple raises two broods in it per year. This year, we found a different type of nest. At first I thought this was a tufted titmouse nest. It fits the general structure: mostly moss, lined with dried grass and fur.Continue reading “Nests!”


Distressed denim is certainly all the rage at the moment. I am expanding “distressed” trend to include houseplants, specifically my prized fiddle-leaf fig tree. I recently refreshed the soil in its pot, and while I was at it I cut back the roots quite a bit. Google tells me my plant is probably suffering fromContinue reading “Distressed”