Our Minecraft World

My cousin and I have been making a Minecraft series on our YouTube channel, Clutch Gamer Moments. Here is a brief summary of everything that we have done in our world so far. I will explain it by episode.

Episode 1

It had been a while since we played Minecraft, and we had kind of forgotten what to do on the first day. We basically got stone tools and then did nothing the rest of the day. When night came, we went down into the caves and mined. It was kind of bad because we were unprepared and didn’t have much food. However, I was able to find some iron and diamonds. I also found a mineshaft, which gave us a book enchanted with fortune III, which is a really good enchantment. We decided that in a later episode we would use the diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe, and then enchant it with the fortune III book.

Episode 2

We wanted to bring villagers to our base, because they can give you good trades. Some villagers trade enchanted books or armor. The problem was, villagers only spawn in villages, and we didn’t know where one was, so we decided to look for one. After a while, my cousin found one, but transporting villagers is easier said than done. You have to put them in a boat, and sometimes you have to drive a boat on land. After about an hour of trying, we rage quit and played Fortnite. A few days later, we decided to live stream it. The viewers in live chat encouraged us a lot and helped us get through the painful process. We ended up finding another village much closer to home, and we were able to boat the villagers we found there back easily. We made a dirt hut for them to stay in, and also made a simple crop farm and tree farm. We also got a dog, which someone from chat named Oswald.

Episode 3

We decided to build a staple Minecraft farm: an iron farm. Here’s how an iron farm works: iron golems spawn in villages to protect villagers. For the farm, you create a small chamber with beds and villagers inside which the game identifies as a village. This makes iron golems spawn on top of it. Then, you build a killing system on top; this burns the golems and collects the iron that they drop upon death. Putting the villagers in danger makes the golems spawn more frequently, which is why we put a zombie next to the villagers in the farm. We needed to name the zombie or else it would despawn, but we didn’t have a name tag. Name tags can spawn in mineshaft chests, so I went back to the mineshaft we found in episode 1 to try and find one, while my cousin gathered the rest of the materials needed for the farm. It took a lot of chests to get a name tag, but I eventually found one. I also found more diamonds, and a book enchanted with mending, which is arguably the best enchantment. As I was digging my way back up to the surface, I dug into a water cave, and almost drowned. But luckily I was able to survive (barely), and returned home with the loot. Building the farm was pretty simple. We just watched a tutorial and it was not very hard to build. The only hard part was getting the zombie and villagers into their different chambers. After a while we finished the farm and had infinite iron.

Episode 4

At the time, our base was just two beds and some chests in the woods. So we decided to make a house. The design was pretty simple: a circle made of a wood and stone pattern. We made four doors, with a path of iron blocks on all sides leading to the middle. We then made a smaller wall circle inside of the big circle. We made this two stories high, making a tower effect from the outside. On the inside, this created a circular hallway, with a circular room in the middle. In this room we added lots of chests to store our stuff, as well as some utility blocks such as a crafting table and an anvil. On the second floor of this middle area, we added our bedroom. In our bedroom we added two beds, a jukebox to play music, and one chest to store our most valuable and special items. The house took a long time to build, but by far what took the longest was the fog effect in the middle. You can make a fog effect by digging a hole and adding many layers of colored glass, with a light source at the bottom. Getting this light source was what took so long. The best light source is glowstone, only found in the nether. The nether is a very dangerous place, and I died for the first time while trying to get glowstone. But we did eventually get the fog effect, and it was worth it, because the fog is very cool. The last thing we did that episode was move our dog Oswald into the house.

Episode 5

This episode we decided to get the maxed out pickaxe we talked about in episode 1. We needed some levels to enchant it, so we made a simple mob spawner XP farm. We enchanted the pickaxe, got efficiency IV and fortune III, then used the mending book we had, and an unbreaking III book that we bought from a villager. This was almost maxed, except it had efficiency IV not efficiency V. The last thing we needed to do was make it netherite. So we went into the nether, and fairly easily got the four pieces required to turn diamond into netherite. (Only one player death occurred in the process). We named it the Clutch Axe, and celebrated having one of the best items in the game. We then wanted to show the viewers how strong netherite is, so we placed the Clutch Axe on a piece of TNT and then lit it. We thought that netherite didn’t blow up. Turns out it doesn’t, but only if it’s in the form of a block, and since we dropped it as an item, we lost the pickaxe. We just willingly blew it up. So we spent a very long time doing the same thing again, but this time, we combined it with another efficiency IV pickaxe, so it was truly maxed out. We made sure not to let the new pickaxe anywhere near TNT.

Episode 6

In order to beat minecraft, you need eyes of ender, crafted from one blaze powder and one ender pearl. Blaze (a nether mob) are the only source of blaze powder, and they can only spawn in nether fortresses. So we set off into the nether to find one, and we used a really good strategy to do so. You see, in the nether, there is lava instead of water, and nether fortresses often generate in a lava ocean. The best way to cross lava is using striders, a mountable mob that walks on lava. So we got two saddles and crossed the lava ocean on striders. We actually found a fortress close to our nether spawn, and went up to the top to try to kill some blaze. While killing some, I actually fell off the fortress and died. That slowed my momentum, and I died multiple more times while trying to get back. Luckily, my cousin did not die, and was able to clutch up and get the required amount of blaze powder to beat the game.

Episode 7

This episode we decided to beat the ender dragon, the final boss. This is what we needed the ender eyes for. When you throw an ender eye, it floats in the direction of the nearest stronghold, which has the end portal, but they sometimes break when thrown. You also need around 12 eyes to fill the portal. (Some portals spawn with a couple eyes already in them). When we set off to find the stronghold, we tried to use the eyes very sparingly, since we only had 14. This was a mistake because it took us several hours of looking around randomly to try to find the stronghold. We eventually accepted the fact that we would need to go back for more eyes of ender, so we threw the eyes until we found it. But we only had eight eyes when we got to the portal, so we went back home, got more, and came all the way back to the portal. The actual ender dragon fight was pretty easy, and we realized that we kind of over-prepared with our potions and golden apples. The dragon stood no chance. (My cousin died three times during the fight, but I couldn’t say anything because if I tried to make fun of him he would just remind me of how I also died multiple times in episode six).  After we defeated the dragon, we went to the outer end islands. The main prize here is the elytra, a pair of wings that allow you to glide and fly. They spawn in end cities, but only in the end ship, and not every end city has one. The first end city we found did not have an end ship. The second one did have an end ship, but it was glitched and was only half of one. Unfortunately, it was the half without the elytra. This made us rage, but after a while of searching, we eventually found two more end cities that both had elytras. We could now fly!

Episode 8

This episode we wanted to make a gold farm. Here’s how it works: you build a giant platform made of magma up in the sky. Zombie pigmen spawn on this platform. Zombie pigmen like to trample on turtle eggs, so you put a turtle egg above an iron golem. When a zombie pigman goes toward it, the iron golem hits the pigman. This makes all of the other pigmen get mad at the golem, so they run toward it. However, if you make a hole between the iron golem and the magma platform, they will fall down the hole, where you collect the gold and XP that they drop. Getting all of the magma required took a long time. In fact you need over 45 stacks of magma. (Each stack is 64 blocks). But what took even longer was filling in the platform. It wasn’t hard; it was just tedious placing every single magma block. It would have gone quicker, if it wasn’t for a ghast. A ghast spawned in, and blew up a shulker box (a portable chest) that had a healthy amount of magma in it. This made us have to go down and get more. (We later discovered that we had several stacks of magma in a chest that we forgot about, so we wasted a lot of time).  We did eventually fill in the entire platform, and also placed rows of slabs above it. This prevents ghasts from spawning. We then added the finishing touches to the farm, and completed it. This project took us basically an entire day of nonstop playing, but it was worth it, because we now have infinite gold.

Thanks for reading, and check out our Minecraft series on YouTube, because we are coming out with more episodes soon. 👍

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