Virginia trip – more Yorktown

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is Lydia Tyndall. I am getting a little behind on my blog posting, but you can’t blame me, I just had a pet die and have been super busy traipsing around historic sites.

Anyway, in this post I am going to talk about when me and my dad went back to the Yorktown battlefield. We went the evening after Jamestown because there was some some stuff we didn’t see the first time and I wanted to see it. Luke and my mom didn’t really care about seeing this stuff so they didn’t come.

The main thing we visited was the surrender field. Let me give you a brief overview of what happened here. On October 19, 1781, the French and American troops made two long lines in this field. The defeated British troops marched between these lines and put their weapons in a big pile. These soldiers were then became prisoners of war.
They had a large pavilion where you could look out at the surrender field. One wall displayed Washington’s perspective on the surrender…
and the other showed the view of Cornwallis.
There was a large display of cannons that were surrendered by the Brits. This makes high on my list of favorite things we have seen on this trip.
One of these cannons I reached out and put my hand on. This made me wonder “Who else has touched this?” I wish the cannon could talk because it has “seen” a lot of historic things.
The Americans had engraved information about the surrender on each cannon.
The place where it all ended for ole’ Great Britain.
Those Brits must have been so embarrassed…
Down with the king!!!! Down with Cornwallis!!!!!! Down with taxes!!!!! All thanks to France!!!!!!!!!!!
After we visited the surrender field, we drove through the allied encampment. There was a random cannon in the woods.
This swampy area is what separated the American camp from the French camp.
This is the spot where General Washington had his headquarters.
A French cemetery.
This is the location of a French artillery park. This is where they would fix broken cannons, store cannons etc.
This is where the French soldiers who stormed Redoubt 9 camped.
There was a dramatic mist. Probably because it had been raining earlier in the day.
This sign brought me pleasure.

3 thoughts on “Virginia trip – more Yorktown

  1. I saw something that Cornwallis did not have the decency to personally surrender to Washington. He sent his second in command instead. Washington has his second in command accept the surrender.


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