Virginia trip- Williamsburg day one

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is your humble servant Lydia Tyndall. In this blog post I am going to recount our full day in colonial Williamsburg.

I did a printing press thingy. We were a little early so we stopped in the Bookbinder shop. This is where they create books out of the stuff they print on the press. The lady was hand stitching pages together.
Examples of books for rich folk 🤑💰💵
Examples of books for people on a tighter budget. 😭
Ok, back to the printing press thingy. Basically I went into the print shop and did stuff. They showed everyone how to set type. You could pick any word you wanted. I spelled out “Jacques” because I ❤️ my dog.
Here’s a pic of Jacques just cause.
Jacques name!!!!!!!!!
I also got to actually use the printing press. But first, I had to put on an apron.
I had to stamp the text with ink.
Then I inserted my piece of paper.
I lowered the board with the paper on it.
Then I pressed down with a heavy wooden block.
The finished product!
We printed the Declaration of Independence.
The guy talked a lot about about the subject of printing presses.
During our trip our family often split up. While me and my mom went into tried to see everything we possibly could, Luke and my dad took a more relaxed pace. The great highlight for them was tracking down “nation makers” on the Williamsburg app. Nation makers are people pretending to be important folk from early America. The main one that they tried to find was George Wythe.
Luke Wythe a nation maker!
We watched an outdoor drama. Basically it was a bunch of guys arguing about politics. This guy was super worked up and angry.
This guy was trying to deescalate the situation.
The worked up guy read an excerpt from the newspaper.
We listened to a speech by Colonel Washington. He had a lot of opinions, such as not approving of the Boston Tea Party. He also didn’t think independence from Great Britain was a good idea. Obviously he changed his mind about this later in life.
We went back to the place where we were staying to have lunch. After lunch we came back to Williamsburg. We spent the most of the afternoon wandering around to different shops.
This is the joiner’s shop. He joins pieces of wood.
We went into an Episcopalian church. It is not technically a part of colonial Williamsburg, but is from the time period and is right there with all the Williamsburg stuff. They still have services there.
Mother wanted to visit the garden. She chatted with one of the gardeners.
I enjoyed visiting the spinning and weaving shop. I’m kinda into fiber stuff.
We spent quite a while talking to the lady in the shop.
We saw some redcoats walking around. Pretty scary.
The blacksmith’s shop. This one was a favorite of the men.
In most of the “shops” at Colonial Williamsburg you can’t actually buy stuff. This shop was an exception. There was a great variety of historical fashion related items for sale. I enjoyed looking around.
You could buy headwear.
You could buy clothes!!!!
I had a great time looking at all the things for sale.
Next, we went into the milliner and mantua maker shop. This was my favorite shop of our entire trip.
The milliner made all the accoutrements one would need to complete their outfit.
The mantua maker made gowns.
I had so much fun in this shop!!!! 🤩🤩
To end our day, we took a tour of the Capitol. They have a bunch of scaffolding on it.
The courtroom. We heard a long lecture about how colonial law worked whilst sitting in the room.
I don’t remember what this room is for. Let me know if you do.
An ornate seal.

That’s it for now folks!!!!!

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