Haikus inspired by Jacques

Hello my dear readers!! For my creative writing class at L.C.A. I had to write some Haikus. I chose to make them all be about my illustrious hound, Jacques. I wanted to share them here because I love my little beast.

Haikus inspired by Jacques

By Lydia R. Tyndall

Jacques rolls in the mud

Oblivious to the grime

The hound is filthy


The floor is dirty

It must be cleaned every day

We have Jacques to blame


Jacques shakes his frisbee

A snarl is in his throat

Such a vicious beast


Jacques is up all night

Howling in the darkness

For no good reason


Jacques just will not poop

We walk circles round the field

Gravel laps it is


The filthy scoundrel 

He stole my tissue from me

But I still love him


I see matted fur 

Jacques won’t let me cut it off

He will stay shabby


The pup snorts a lot

I don’t know why he does it 

But it is charming


The hound has sharp claws

He scrapes me and I get mad

But I forgive him 


Jacques walk twice a day

Without it Jacques would go mad

I would go mad too


Jacques is my best friend

None else could be better

I’m glad he exists

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