Sense and Sensibility

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is your humble servant Lydia Tyndall. I recently finished reading the book Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.

I have a friend at L.C.A. who shares my love of literature. We decided to have a book club together to discuss Sense and Sensibility. This is why I read the book. We had a lot of fun discussing the book together both in person at Co-op and via text and phone. This made reading the book even more enjoyable.

I read Sense and Sensibility aloud to my mom in bed at night. I discovered that I rather enjoy reading aloud. I also enjoyed discussing the book with my mom. She had read it before but forgot about a lot of things that happen in the story.

A few months ago I read Pride and Prejudice. It was great, but didn’t capture my heart in the same way that Sense and Sensibility did. I believe that since it was my first Austen novel I had a harder time understanding what was happening. By the time I got to Sense and Sensibility I had learned how to interpret the old fashioned language better. Also since I read it with my mom, she could help explain things I didn’t understand.

Another reason why I liked Sense and Sensibility better than Pride and Prejudice is that I personally could relate to the characters better.

I can relate to Elinor because I like to think through things really well. I can relate to Marianne because I am talented at having emotional breakdowns. I can relate to Edward because I am homeschooled and sometimes don’t like talking to people I don’t know, but will turn out okay in life.

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth is confident and has a sharp tongue, both qualities I do not possess. As for Mr. Darcy, I have always found him way too mysterious to compare myself too.

The main thing I loved about Sense and Sensibility were the characters. They were all very well developed and entertaining. Even the “bad” one actually had personality. I have a weird desire for bad guys in stories to be actual people with real feelings. Sense and Sensibility definitely does that.

After reading Sense and Sensibility I fell head over heels in love with Jane Austen. I hope you will too!!!

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  1. Smiling because you had this wonderful reading experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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