How Shakespeare plays were originally performed

****** My name is Lydia Tyndall and I have another Miscellany article for y’all. William Shakespere was a playwright who lived in Elizabethan England. His plays have become quite famous but have you ever wondered how and where they were originally performed?    At first Shakespere’s plays were performed at a playhouse in London called theContinue reading “How Shakespeare plays were originally performed”

The Church in sixteenth century England

What’s up y’all? Lydia Tyndall here with another Miscellany article!!! ****** The sixteenth century saw many changes to the church and religion in England. In the year 1500 King Henry VII was the ruler of England. Like all the kings before him he was Catholic, and therefore all his subjects were Catholic as well.  InContinue reading “The Church in sixteenth century England”

The end of the Byzantine Empire

Lydia Tyndall here. I’ve got a Miscellany article. ****** For a thousand years the Byzantine Empire, which spread throughout much of the known world, was a powerful, influential domain. The capital Constantinople was its crown jewel. It had smooth roads, palaces, and schools. It was the center of the Eastrn Orthodox Church and had aContinue reading “The end of the Byzantine Empire”


Lydia Tyndall here! This time I have a short story that I wrote for the Miscellany! ****** One January morning in 1941, Fala Roosevelt, a small black Scottish terrier trotted around the White House looking for someone who would pay attention to him. Normally his owner, the president Franklin Roosevelt was always eager to playContinue reading “Fala”

Fala, a canine celebrity 

What’s up y’all? This is Lydia Tyndall here with another Miscellany article!!!!!! ****** President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier Fala was no ordinary dog. He was a canine celebrity.  Fala moved into the white house in November of 1940. He had been a gift to the president from his cousin. Shortly after arriving, Fala discoveredContinue reading “Fala, a canine celebrity “