Our trip to St. Louis!!!!!!!!

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers!!! This is Lydia Tyndall once again. Today I am going to tell you about a trip to St. Louis that our family took. On this trip we meet up with Grandpa and Loretta.

We began our trip by getting in the car and driving.

On the way there, we got stuck in a traffic jam.

At one point we stopped at Wendy’s to use the bathroom and have lunch.

Once we arrived in St. Louis, we went to a part of town called Bevo. In Bevo there is a fake windmill which is also a restaurant. We did not eat at this restaurant, but we did take a picture in front of their sign!!!!

Across the street from the windmill restaurant there is a miniature museum. We walked through it with Grandpa and Loretta. There were many doll house sized rooms.

A tiny sewing room!!!!!

They had a replica of the Bevo windmill.

An art table.

They had this little mouse house which I thought was so charming. This was my favorite exhibit.


This mouse has a tiny stack of pancakes.

A yarn shop!

The sign said that this was a Tudor house. When I saw it I said that I wanted to live in it.

Inside the Tudor house they had the Tudor rose on the chair and bag. I thought this was just so cool.

This is a shop selling Raggedy Ann dolls.

This is an Egyptian tomb.

After we were done in the miniature museum we took a few more pics in front of the Bevo windmill.

After we had finished all our sightseeing, we headed for our hotel.

We rested at the hotel for a while.

We ate supper at a restaurant called Syburgs.

Later that evening, Luke, my mom, and I went swimming in the hotel pool.

Good times.

We all slept.

The next morning, we ate breakfast.

We went to this place called Mastodon State Historic Site. Basically it’s an area where they found mastodon bones as well as bones of other prehistoric animals. We walked down to the “bone bed” which is where they dug up the bones. Once we got down there, it wasn’t really that exciting. It was just an area where there once were bones. There are no longer any bones there because they dug them all up. 😦

We stopped and sat on a bench for a while.

This is a big cliff which was created by miners at some point in time.

There was an outdoor water fountain.

After we saw the bone bed, we visited the museum. This is where you can see the bones that were once in the bone bed as well as a reproduction of a mastodon skeleton.

A real mastodon tusk!

This is the skull of a large prehistoric beaver.

This is another view of the mastodon skeleton as well as mannequins of prehistoric people.

Luke really liked the giant sloth.

We all had our picture taken in front of the mastodon.

We watched a short informational film about mastodons.

For lunch we went to Chick-fil-a.

After lunch we said goodbye to Grandpa and Loretta. Then we began our journey home.

We ended up driving on back roads for a good portion of the trip. If you want to know why, ask my parents.

We stopped at this gas station for a potty break.

We drove some more before we got home.

9 thoughts on “Our trip to St. Louis!!!!!!!!

  1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing trip!!!!!🥳hope you had a GREAT time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to be globe trotters! 🌎


  2. Oh also, I absolutely ❤️this Lydia Tyndall person. I have so much in common with her. 🤣 You’ll have to get me in touch with her….🤩🐶


      1. But really though why do you still use a fax machine???? That’s like so old school!!


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