Lydia Tyndall here! This time I have a short story that I wrote for the Miscellany!


One January morning in 1941, Fala Roosevelt, a small black Scottish terrier trotted around the White House looking for someone who would pay attention to him. Normally his owner, the president Franklin Roosevelt was always eager to play with him. That was not the case this particular morning as the president was too busy getting dressed up in a tuxedo to notice his poor scottie. The first Lady was also occupied putting on her finest attire and all the White House Staff were bustling about preparing for some big event. Finally Fala sat down in frustration. Everyone seemed too busy to notice him.

Later that morning a fancy black limousine pulled up in front of the White House. The president went down the White House steps and toward the car, Fala prancing along beside him. A butler opened the door and the president got in. Fala enthusiastically leaped onto the seat beside him. “I’ve been ignored all morning.” He thought, “Now I finally get to do something!” 

Just as Fala was getting settled the president looked down at him and sighed. “I’m afraid to tell you this but you’re going to have to stay behind this time.” Fala looked up at him with inquisitive eyes. He always accompanied his master on trips, he couldn’t understand why this time would be any different. “You see” the president explained “Back in November I was elected to serve a third term as president. Today is my inauguration ceremony. I will be giving an important speech and I can’t have you barking. Now go on back inside.” Fala wouldn’t budge, but a secret service agent scooped him up and set him on the ground. The car drove off before he could do anything in protest.

Fala began the journey back up the White House steps with a heavy heart. He felt abandoned, and unwanted.  

For the next few days Fala moped around. One day when he was out in the White House lawn he had an idea. He began to dig a hole underneath the fence. When it was big enough he managed to squeeze out. Now he was free. 

As he wandered the streets of Washington Fala let his nose guide his path. He detected the smell of buttered popcorn. He followed the aroma until he found himself at a movie theater! 

There was a long line of people waiting to go in. Fala walked up and down it experiencing all the interesting smells. Suddenly a man picked him up. “What are you doing here little fellow?” he asked, and dug through Fala’s shaggy fur to reveal his ID tag. “My goodness!” He exclaimed “You’re the president’s dog!”

The man carried Fala all the way back to the White House. 

Once he saw the relieved look on his master’s face Fala suddenly felt ashamed. “Oh Fala I’ve missed you!” the president exclaimed. Fala realized that he was still loved and wanted even if he couldn’t come to the inauguration.  

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