Garden Plans for 2023

Winter might just be the best time for gardeners. We sit in our cozy homes, poring over seed catalogs, feeling like we can probably go ahead and grow ALL THE THINGS.

My two favorite seed companies are Baker Creek and Johnny’s.

I had actually already ordered some seeds from Johnny’s, including THESE snapdrogons.

I recently also ordered a few things from Baker Creek, including Shishito peppers. I might be a few years behind, but I get the impression like these are trendy, especially when “blistered” in a hot skillet.

The big news is that I THREW AWAY many seeds from previous years. I only kept what I plan to plant this year (with a couple of exceptions), and most of the seeds are no more than one year old. It was bold and reckless, but now I feel somehow clean and unburdened.

I also ordered some biodegradible mulch film from Gardener’s Workshop. I have very strong weed pressure in my garden, so I’m hoping this will be less work than the newspaper method I used last year.

I am really itching to get started. Maybe I should put away the Christmas tree first.

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