Gamer Dictionary

This is the complete gamer dictionary, with one word for each letter.

A Aimbot – A type of hack that automatically hits every shot in shooting games, even if you are not aiming directly at your target.

B Battle Royale – A type of game in which a large amount of people all fight to the death,(every man for himself,) and the last person standing wins.

C Combo – Commonly used in Minecraft battle, to combo someone means to get several hits on them in a row before they have a chance to hit you.

D Dub – Short for “w” which is short for “win,” e.g. “We got the dub.”

E Elim – Short for “elimination,” but “kill” is a more commonly used word even if the game does not use the word kill.

F Farm – Commonly used in sandbox games such as minecraft, a farm is anything that cancollect resources for you automatically without you collecting them.

G G.O.A.T – Stands for “Greatest of all time.” Often used to describe NFL quarterback Tom Brady, because many people consider him the greatest football player of all time.

H High Risk, High Reward – Something that you have a high risk of losing or failing, but the rewards you get from it are worth it.

I Inc – Short for “Incoming” A good way to alert your team of an enemy quickly if you don’t have a lot of time to type.

J Sprint Jump – In a lot of games, if you jump while running, you move faster.

K Kill streak – The amount of kills that you get in a row, typically in shooter games.

L Leroy Jenkins – To run into battle without you or your team prepared to fight. Word origin: a viral World Of Warcraft video. 

M MLG – Stands for “Major League Gamer.” Often used to describe an MLG play, where a player does something skillful, showing that they are good at the game.

N Noob – Short for “newbie.” Implies that the person that is new is bad at the game.

O Ohio – There is a meme that Ohio is a creepy, apocalyptic dangerous place. Different versions include: “Wait, it’s all Ohio?” “down in Ohio” and “what is going on in Ohio?”

P Prot – Short for “protection.”

Q Quest – An objective or challenge that if you succeed, you receive a reward.

R RIP – Stands for “rest in peace.” Could be used if a video game character dies, but could also be used if something unfortunate happens.

S Sus – Short for “Suspicious.’ Word origin: the game Among Us.

T Touch Grass – People often say this to someone who is addicted to a game and has not been outside in a long time, therefore needs to touch grass.

U Ultimate Team – In EA sports games, the ultimate team is a game mode where you collect different virtual trading cards to build your team.

V Veteran – Someone who has played the game for a long time and is very experienced. Could be used for Esports or sports such as football or basketball.

W W00t –  A word used to express excitement. Fun fact: This word was the 2007 Merriam-Webster word of the year.

X XD – Used to portray laughter. It is supposed to represent the laughing with eyes closedemoji, similar to how “:)” can be used to portray a smiley face emoji.

Y Yeet – To throw something or send something flying. Could be used to describe something that happened to your video game character, e.g. “I got yeeted.”

Z Zombro – Alternate name for zombies. Commonly used to name Minecraft zombies.

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