Ferrars Family Christmas

This blog has been a bit quiet lately, since the primary person who had been posting here has started her own blog! And not only has she been blogging up a storm over at Life of Lydia, she has been writing Jane Austen fan fiction as well.

Lydia wrote and illustrated Ferrars Family Christmas, which is a 5,000-word short story based on Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. We laughed when we realized each of the ten chapters is about 500 words each. This was the word limit back when Lydia was writing monthly for Young Writers Miscellany. She is well-trained!

It was a bit of an uphill climb figuring out how to get her story formatted and published. In the end, I used reedsy.com for the formatting and typesetting. I used Canva to create the ebook cover. Creating a cover for the print-on-demand paperback was a bit more challenging. Amazon provides a template, but you are on your own to import that template into the photo-editing software of your choice. My primary problem with this whole process was that the template was for a 5×8 paperback, but I had a 6×9 paperback selected for publishing. I could NOT figure out why my completed PDF kept ending up too small. (I created it in both gimp and Photoshop.) I won’t tell you how many hours I spent on this. Let’s just say it should go more smoothly next time.

Anyway, the story is lots of fun, and so are the illustrations! Click on this Amazon link (we priced the ebook and paperback almost as low are we were allowed) or read the PDF for free on Lydia’s blog.

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