Grand Champions

When we visted our local fair last weekend, none of the youth entries had a big purple grand champion ribbon. We thought maybe they were not being awarded this year due to the smaller number of overall entries. However, when Keith and Lydia went to pick up the items today, they were pleasantly surprised!

Luke’s short story didn’t have a grand campion ribbon, but it did have a special award ribbon! This means the director chose his as a personal favorite. It also had a fancier-than-normal first place ribbon since it was based on the fair’s theme, Making Magic.

Although Jacques is not named in the story, it is told from his point of view, and it is inspired by a real event in which Jacques acted scared of a stray cat walking through our yard. You can read his story here.

Lydia’s pressed flower bookmarks earned a Grand Champion ribbon!

So did her handmade blouse!

And of course, so did the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. You can read more details about these dolls here.

Good job, Luke and Lydia!

2 thoughts on “Grand Champions

  1. Jacques, you are such a furry inspiration! Such cool ribbons for your great writing, Luke.

    Way to go Lydia! I always love your projects.

    You are Grand Champions!


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