Stay-at-home Projects

Back in March, our county enacted a stay-at-home order. While at first this was a hard thing to process and accept, we made the most of it.

We had a large amount of scrap fabric, which I impulsively started cutting into six-inch squares. My plan was to make a quilt. Of course Lydia was very interested in this project, and I eventually handed the reigns over to her. We had many curbside pickup orders at JoAnn Fabrics and also went “shopping” in my mother-in-law’s sewing room for various supplies. It was hours and hours of work, but Lydia finally completed a full-size quilt for her bed.

Lydia’s other big project for this season was a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

These were a real labor of love for Lydia. She worked and worked on so many special little details.

The faces are hand-painted.
She made the wigs from red yarn.
Our new sewing machine will stitch letters.
Different fonts are available.
The most special detail is not even visible when the dolls are clothed. Lydia used her Nonnie’s programmable embroidery machine to create heart patches that say “I love you.” She then appliquéd them to the dolls’ bodies.

Lydia says these dolls are not just a project. They feel like her little friends. ❤️

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