Ozark Empire Fair 2020

Our family has been attending the fair for about a decade. It didn’t take long for us to discover the Life and Arts department. Lydia in particular loves creating items to be judged in the fair each summer.

This summer there were much fewer entries than normal due to Covid-19, but we still entered several items and continued some annual traditions.

When we first arrived we definitely noticed the crowds were down, however this could also be because it was an unseasonably cool and wet July evening.

Next we went into the E-plex to look for ribbons on our items. We were not disappointed.

Red ribbons on Lydia’s painting and drawing.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s miniature artwork.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s hand-drawn greeting card.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s button art.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s stepping stone.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s original short story.
Blue ribbon on Luke’s magic-themed short story.
Blue ribbon on a fairy garden made by Lydia and her co-op friend Grace.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s painted gourd.
Red ribbon on Luke’s Lego creation.
Blue ribbon on Lydia’s diaroma of an art museum. She used old greeting cards to make this.
First place on Lydia’s quilt.
First place on Lydia’s zipper pouch collection.
Second place on Lydia’s stuffed dachshund.
First place on both sewn garment and knitted item for Lydia.
First place pressed flower bookmarks by Lydia.
First place photo. Category: secondary colors. These are used smoke bombs from the Fourth of July.
Participation ribbon on a picture of Jacques by Luke.
First place still life photo by Lydia.
Second place flower photo by Lydia.
Participation ribbon on Lydia’s nature photo.
First place Christmas ornament by Lydia. Also please notice the arm of the Raggedy Andy doll made by Lydia. Somehow I failed to photograph it along with the Raggedy Ann doll next to it! Seriously! The set earned a blue ribbon of course. I also failed to photograph the first place tissue paper poppies.
Lydia and I both earned blue ribbons on our live-judged birdhouse gourds.

And, I got three different ribbons on an antique item I brought in. My grandma had a box of old Sunday School cards published by the Southern Baptist Convention. Most were from the 20s and 30s, but the oldest dates back to 1896.

Of course we also visited a few animals.

The zebu was not crying this year! A few years ago the zebu had a watery eye and my tender-hearted Luke was so touched.
The camel was quite friendly.

We decided not to spend any time on the midway.

We also had a few treats: Pineapple Whip and Tater Tornado.

4 thoughts on “Ozark Empire Fair 2020

  1. Congratulations! So many entries and ribbons. Glad weather was not hot and crowds were down. Looks like a memorable family evening.

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