Virginia trip – Two Williamsburg shops

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is Lydia Tyndall once again.

Today was our first full day in Virginia. In the morning, we visited two shops in Williamsburg because they were not going to be open the days we had planned to be there. Then in the afternoon and evening we went to Yorktown. I will talk about this in another post.

The tailor’s shop in Williamsburg was a top priority of mine. We talked to the guy for quite a while. I was sad to hear that it was uncommon for women to be tailors.

An example of what a tailor would have made.
Apparently the customer would have been responsible for buying the fabric for their outfit. They could buy it from many people including the tailor himself.
The other shop we visited was the public leather works. This was were they made stuff out of leather for the army during the war.
The lady said that often soldiers who knew how to work with leather would get sent to work in this shop.

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