Virginia trip – Governor’s Palace

Hello my dear Amy’s Garden readers! This is Lydia Tyndall.

Right now we are on vacation to Virginia. We are visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. I will be posting updates as we go. Yesterday we flew from Springfield MO to Charlotte NC. Then after a super short layover (I mean running through the airport kind of short,) we flew the rest of the way to Richmond VA. Then we drove a while to Williamsburg.

Now for the fun part! After we arrived in Williamsburg we visited the Governor’s palace.

The first thing we did at the Governor’s Palace was visit the kitchen. Here they were cooking food just like old times.
The governor would have been eating much fancier food than most people.
Next, we took a tour of the palace. Back when we were ruled by England, the king or someone would send a guy over to be governor of Virginia. He lived in a fancy palace, cause he’s the governor. The palace burned down at one point but now they have rebuilt it.

The entryway had a bunch of weapons on the walls.
Please notice the red check chairs in this picture. Apparently red check was a favorite of Queen Charlotte. She made the pattern so popular that people all over the place used it in their decorating.
This bed was for the governor’s daughters.
The ballroom.

A giant portrait of King George. A sight you don’t see very often in America.
The outside of the palace.

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