We have had a bluebird box on our property for several years. Usually, a bluebird couple raises two broods in it per year. This year, we found a different type of nest.

At first I thought this was a tufted titmouse nest. It fits the general structure: mostly moss, lined with dried grass and fur. (We are pretty sure this fur came from Jacques!)

However, this evening when I checked the nest, I knocked on the side of the box, and out flew a Carolina Chickadee! Turns out their nests also fit the moss/fur description.

My camera took a peek inside to find five little brown spotted eggs.

I downloaded the NestWatch app from Cornell University. I took a 10-question quiz to get certified as a nest watcher, and now every 3-4 days I will check on this nest and report my findings.

While I’m at it, I will watch the American Robin nest on our house. (Can you believe Keith was going to knock it down?!)

In other nest news, a few weeks ago, we finally remembered to hang up our gourd birdhouses! As far as I can tell, nothing much is happening in them yet.

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