Scripture Writing

A while ago I read a post on instagram about sanctification, which is the process of becoming more and more like Christ. I don’t remember the post’s actual words, but the basic idea was that hard days as a mom serve as a means to our sanctification.

I really liked this idea and realized I would like to explore more deeply what the Bible says about sanctification. I did a little Google search and found a website called The Ruffled Mango, and a scripture writing plan on sanctification. I had never heard of scripture writing and just chalked it up to something that only people who are into fancy pens and elaborate bullet journals would enjoy.

So, I tried waking up in the morning and just reading that day’s scripture, but this habit didn’t stick.

A few weeks went by, and I decided I would actually try writing the verses each day in the scripture writing plan. I am not a huge fan my own handwriting, but I realized that is not the point.

The act of writing scripture each day is much slower than simply reading it. Taking a small block of time to sit with the Word each day allows my brain a better chance to process and understand what God is saying through these verses.

I already see this simple practice becoming an anchor in my day.

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