Fair Entries

Our family has a long tradition of entering items in the Life and Arts department of our local fair.

This year I entered only one item, which was in the antiques category. It was an old McCall’s pattern catalog from 1910.

Lydia entered several items. The most impressive is the grand-champion double-knit globe hat.

In the sewn garment category, she entered the dress she made for her Sand-Witch Halloween costume.

October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

She entered an abstract rose painting.

For the button art category, Lydia created this tree.

Lydia wrote a biography of Mark Twain for a special writing contest for the bicentennial of Missouri.

Lydia worked VERY hard on this blue teddy bear and learned a lot.

We have plenty of gourds sitting around, so why not paint one and earn a ribbon?

Lydia received a mini quilt kit last Christmas. Unfortunately, I accidentally entered this in the wrong category, so it was not judged against other quilted items; it was judged against fashion accessories. Oh well. It is still a fabulous project. She did everything herself: cutting the traingles, piecing them, free-motion machine quilting, and binding.

Here is a project that took Lydia hours to complete. It is a needle-felted Swedish Dalecarlian horse Christmas ornament. We are pretty sure the judge must not know the amount of time and commitment that goes into needle felting, hence the third place ribbon.

On our August 2020 trip to Florida, Lydia specifically collected flat shell pieces to be used in a stepping stone.

For the creative challenge category, Lydia used a prescribed list of items. Her piece is inspired by The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

And that’s it! We finished our evening at the fair with some Pineapple Whip and Tornado Tater, a ride on the swings, and a visit to the petting zoo.

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