A Biography of Jacques Tyndall

Today’s post is by a special guest: Lydia Tyndall!

Jacques Tyndall

Basic facts

Jacques Tyndall is a red merle Miniature Australian Shepherd. His full name is Jacques Jaykay Tilty Heady Doggie Not A Whiggy Lick-A-Face Tyndall. He lives in Brookline, Missouri with his family. 

Jacques can get very wet when it rains.

Early Life

Jacques Tyndall was born at Circle G Mini Aussies. His parents are not important to this account. As a puppy he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Keith Tyndall and their two children, Luke and Lydia.

When the weather is nice Lydia and Jacques like to sit on the porch together.

His adoption story

In the summer of 2019 Luke Tyndall checked out a book about dog breeds from his local library. This caused him to beg for a dog, and finally his parents relented. It was decided that the dog would live outside due to Luke’s allergies. Luke and his father had to drive to Oklahoma to buy Jacques. 

Luke with Jacques on the day he was purchased.

How he got his name

Jacques first name comes from the Shakespere play As You Like It. His many middle names were mostly made up by Luke

Good times.

Favorite things 

Jacques enjoys having items thrown for him to chase, particularly his red frisbee. He also loves treks through the woods, snow, trips to parks and sprinting. He is always in a good mood and is easy to please. 

Jacques’ fur keeps him warm in the snow.


Jacques has a sensitive stomach, so even short car drives can cause him to vomit. He is not always friendly to dogs he doesn’t know, and is not afraid to bark at nothing. Jacques can be destructive. He can demolish anything from a live rabbit to a foam rocket.  

Jacques and Lydia at Wilsons Creek. It is unknown whether or not he vomited on this trip.


Jacques is very loyal and does not run away. He is always glad to see his family and is highly trainable (which does not mean that he is well-trained.) 

Jacques and his frisbee. A classic combo.
At times Jacques can be very submissive.
Jacques giving Lydia a hug.
Luke and Lydia can be weird.

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