Womanly Uplands Trail

Yesterday evening we ended up eating pretty early and still had several hours of daylight left in the day.

I asked Lydia if she would like to go with me to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield to walk the only major trail there we haven’t hiked yet.

Of course she said yes, so off we went to conquer the Manley Uplands Trail. We decided it could also be named the Womanly Uplands Trail.

But whether men or women are walking on it, it is named Uplands Trail for a reason. Much of it is at an incline. Then of course much of it declines steeply as well. Most of the trail is covered in pretty large gravel. This was the most challenging trail we have completed so far.

Here is our route. We actually started by walking on the tour road so we could make a loop.
So very steep. So very rocky.
We took a slight detour and went down to wade in Wilson’s Creek.

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